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My Current Resume as of 2018, for whoever needs it. What better place for it than on a site i built from the motherboard up?

scott healys RESUME

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For you techs out there, something lucky i just found out. Lets say you have a customer thats upgraded their windows 7/8 machine to windows 10. Now lets say that customer never attached the windows key sticker to the case. So they got some horrible virus and you need to wipe everything. You CAN access the drive and rip the key, but you cant straight up install win 10 with the upgrade key. Good news! In a windows install, Windows assigns the windows key to both the windows install AND the Internet Explorer installation. Whys this good? The upgrade keeps the IE installer and continues to store that key. So, using the “IE” key still stored in the upgraded 10 installation, you can activate windows 7/8. WOOT!

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Here we are attempting to make a post with the text broken by multiple images in WordPress. This will come in handy when i do longer posts about setting up the server hosting this site.







From there we will work on doing an install in a virtual machine to make sure I have the proper screenshots to explain what I am doing.


i can also add captions in the images properties.

This is actually very easy, as WordPress is incredibly user-friendly. I simply select the “add media” button and upload the media I want to use and then write the text around the images.i can then orient the text above, below, or next to the image.

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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